The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 208 Recap – Zen and the Art of Pageantry

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Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It also known as the show where the motto is ‘fake it till you make it: including your sexuality, your secret drunken trysts and the manipulative friendships you have with those you care about!’

This week on the show, the gays try to bring down The Establishment on more than one account and Amy makes out with a girl (again). Basically top notch viewing.

As always, the recap is split into The Ploy, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what happened this week.

The Plot

Aw, what a sparkly sequined dress Lauren has! Isn’t it just horrible and makes you want to fry your eyeballs in a pan? As horrible as Lauren’s choice in formalwear is, it’s been picked for a very good reason – the local beauty pageant. Seeing her mum coo over Lauren, that familiar pang of jealously gets Amy and so wanting to impress her, our favourite queer Texan teen hatches a plan with girlfriend Reagan to enter the pageant and win.

Only Reagan has other ideas, namely she wants to expose the beauty industry for what it is: a terrible monstrous thing that wants to exploit women! With a slideshow and laptop in hand the plan is to publicly shame the pageant as Amy tears into them via a well written speech.

As expected, Amy chickens out, the hopes of impressing her mum proving too strong. As she’s asked what she thinks of pageants she provides a diplomatic answer, disappointing Reagan and boosting Lauren in the process. Enraged by the pageant system that’s been shuffling her onto stages, in bikinis with high heels (worn together! Ludicrous!) she yanks the mic and rips the pageant folk a new one, proceeding to throw her bra fillers into the crowd and hit a judge in the face. Following the debacle, she meets up with boyfriend Theo and tells him about her being intersex. The whole 3 minutes was incredible.

Meanwhile with the boring and mildly irritating heterosexuals (aka Liam and Karma), they are having dinner with Karma’s parents and her brother Zen, choosing the meal to ‘come out’ about the fact that they are dating because Karma is now straight after being a fake lesbian for an entire series. After a bit of ‘will she won’t she’ she eventually confesses that Liam is her boyfriend and that she was worried that her parents wouldn’t be proud of her any more. It’s sort of lovely to see them love her anyway actually (even if brother Zen soon steals the limelight).

After dinner, the MIHs (their official name now) head upstairs for some sloppy making out, with Karma telling Liam that she’s so glad that they can be honest with each other Welp. Of course Liam takes this very moment to confess that not only did he sleep with someone the night that he and Karma broke up but that that someone was her best friend, Amy. Double welp with a cherry on top.


The Gay

Things aren’t going better for the Sometimes Irritating But Mostly Just Angelic Homosexuals (don’t worry, I shan’t be abbreviating that and making it A Thing) either.

Still trying to drag his boyfriend out of the closet, kicking and screaming (and not in a good way), Shane is heartbroken this week when his hunky trainer boyfriend gets a new sports sponsorship. Only it’s not from your friendly marriage equality non-profit, but his new sponsor is a homophobic chicken company.

Sadly his dreams of going pro are just stronger than Shane’s protests! He chows down on that burger like he hasn’t eaten in three weeks. Yeah, get that anti-gay money, son.

As for Amy and Reagan, Reagan is still hurt and wants to know if Amy’s heart is really in it. She ditched the plan and she didn’t introduce Reagan as her girlfriend! Amy is very much into her and they make out. A lot. As Amy’s phone lights up (it’s on silent) because Liam has just texted her. Drama!

The Ugly

It was that aforementioned Amy/Reagan scene that I had a bone to pick with. Make outs and heavy petting aside, Reagan also asked Amy if she was straight, explaining that she once had a girlfriend who ditched her for her ex-boyfriend, saying that her Reagan dating was just ‘a phase’.

Faking It doesn’t have the best track record with bisexuality and this rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t explicitly biphobic, but it was suggested, y’know? Like Reagan would have a problem if
Amy was into girls and guys as opposed to one or the other. This will only blow up once Reagan inevitably finds out that Amy and Liam slept together so expect another scene like it to end up in ‘The Ugly’ section soon.

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