The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder – 106 Recap – Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

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Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM also known as the show where the law is upheld but so are nude photos, illegals means for legal gains and on occasion, analingus.

This week in the show, there were more rights to be upheld and Viola Davis was incredible (as per usual).

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Many moons ago when Annalise Keating was just a young fiery whippersnapper (as opposed to y’know, a slightly older one) she watched the case of David Allen, a (then) young black man who was charged with his girlfriend’s murder. She’d been shot dead and, as per a witness statement, Allen had run down the road screaming and brandishing a shotgun shortly after. Pretty damning stuff.

But the evidence was all circumstantial, meaning that while it didn’t mean Allen was completely free, the evidence didn’t necessarily guarantee that he did it either. With the evidence possibly leading him to death row, Annalise and co. scoop up the case, determined to free this man or at least get to the bottom of what really happened.

Going over his case though, the team think they’ve hit the jackpot when the defence lawyer who worked with Allen years before said that there was a man with an alibi. He was a drug dealer though, and wasn’t necessarily reliable but it was something that could have gotten Allen off the hook nonetheless.

But that man died 15 months ago from a drug overdose, taking Allen’s alibi with him to the grave.

Feeling defeated, Annalise and her team get back to work trying to figure out what really went on. Further bumps in the road for them though when it turns out that Asher’s dad was the judge on the Allen case. Speaking to his father in a really intense debate, Asher confronts him plainly and asks why the day he met with the prosecutors is the only day in his entire career that’s not accounted for. And why just a month after he sentenced David Allen was he enlisted for a much higher position in the courts?

His father, obviously, doesn’t have answers for him and promptly throws Asher out of the house but it does give him a bit of extra ammunition. A high profile senator was the one who got his dad the job and so, voila, the team now has a potential motive for a framing.

“Your dad sent a guy to death row for no reason” from Laurel is what it takes to bust the case wide open. Charging at the rest of the law students, Asher trips and falls, unceremoniously into a box of paper. Smooth. But in the process he recognises a logo from the key witness’ building. Could it be that the key witness is somehow entangled in this corruption too?

Of course it is and it’s what Annalise uses to blitz holes into the prosecution’s case against their client. In one of the most well acted scenes I have ever seen on television, Annalise criticises the senator, yells at him across the courtroom saying that he displaced so many people, ruined so many lives and had an innocent woman killed and for what? To complete a housing development and make millions of dollars it seems, and with opposition from Allen’s girlfriend growing in momentum the senator had her killed and implicated her boyfriend for the murder.

Or so it seems at least. The case gets sent to retrial but until then (and a guilty verdict) but David Allen is set free. Another thrilling win for Annalise Keating and the plucky, young students.

Because this is a drama show though, Annalise still has an awful lot of other dramatic-ness on her plate in this week’s HTGAWM. Namely all of the stuff with her husband.

Having being confronted by photos of his naked body being found on a murdered girl’s phone last week, Wes, a law student and friend of the key suspect in the murder is demanding answers. He wants Annalise to find Rebecca (the suspect) and bring her home after she ran away following the nudes revelation in the last episode.

This is Annalise though so she doesn’t take anything lying down and instead does what any powerful lawyer with a legal problem has…she breaks the law. Specifically, she makes Frank (her right hand man) break the law for her and sees to it that the phone with the nude photos on makes its way into the car of Griffin O’Reilly (star quarterback and another suspect in the murder).

Little does Annalise or Frank know, that Nate, Annalise’s former lover, now has proof that Frank put the phone in the car. Well, Frank did it in broad daylight which seems silly, but Nate was having someone tail Griffin and keep surveillance on him, photos and all, so there’s a very good chance that everyone will land right in the poo in the next few episodes or so.

The Gay

There wasn’t really much gay in HTGAWM this week. Or any maintext queer content at all, but you know me, I love a good bit of subtext and this week HTGAWM delivered it in a small but significant way.

Last week Annalise discovered that Bonnie had landed Nate in it with the police (Nate’s employers), but had defended Sam Keating (Annalise’s husband) in the process. Surely this means that Bonnie has a crush on him? Well that’s what Annalise thinks but after Sam thanks her for putting up with all of he and Annalise’s “crap”, Bonnie literally tells him that “it’s for Annalise, I’d do anything for her”. Shippers start your engines!
Or at least, do it quietly, since one of HTGAWM’s flash forward scenes (the ones that cover the night of Sam’s murder) reveal that she slept with Asher.

She might still be queer! She might still be in love with Annalise too. The show definitely seems to be pointing in the direction of Not Heterosexual Bonnie at least, so we’ll keep you posted.

The Ugly

This was a near perfect episode for HTGAWM actually. Obviously there was no maintext queerness which is always a disappointment in any show but other than that I don’t think I can fault it. Good job ABC.

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