The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder 105 Recap – We’re Not Friends

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Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) recap! HTGAWM also known as the show based around upholding the law despite its core premise being that the characters have killed somebody!

This week on the show, more laws were (probably) broken, shots were had and wallpaper proved to be a plot device!

As always, our recaps are separated into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

In HTGAWM this week, the defendant lucky enough to be privy to Annalise’s law skills is a boy who shot his police officer father dead after he and his mother suffered years of abuse. It’ll be a tough sell for Annalise and her law students given that a) no one likes a ‘cop killer’ and b) the prosecution has all of the money and muscle that you’d expect from a government agency.

Thankfully for Annalise, there is one pretty significant way that she cans win this in her favour – the jury. As the American judicial system goes, the lawyers can pick who they want to be on the jury. By asking the right questions and knowing enough about the person and what they are more likely to support or be against (based on age, race, gender and class) they can predict (or at least subtly influence) how the jury will think.

The jury is going to take a serious amount of persuading though as on the very first argument of the trial, the judge rules that the abuse as documented on the defendant’s blog isn’t allowed to be evidence. It takes some quick thinking from Laurel, who’s sat in the stands with a Windows tablet (love those Microsoft sponsors!) searching through the boy’s blog, to use a character statement as an excuse to get the blog into evidence. Round one won.

But, even with the bucket loads of evidence suggesting that the deceased was a terrible person the jury could still vote against the guy who killed him, y’know on account of the fact that he killed a guy.

Even with some help from Connor, who uses a gay hookup app to get proof that one of the people on the jury spoke about the case with someone outside of the jury, there are still a few more people to win over. And that’s where Laurel rockets herself into the position of ‘the one to beat’.

Showing up to the court, coffee in hand, eyebrows on fleek, Laurel ‘slyly’ leaves a bit of paper on a bench, knowing that a member of the jury was about to sit down on it. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, it’s legal for jurors to rule based on their emotions not just the facts presented to them and so in a case like this, where a boy killed he and his mother’s abuser, that’s a pretty big deal.

With the member of the jury admitting that she shared that information with her fellow jury members, the case is dismissed and the defendant gets community service instead. Annalise meanwhile, is rightfully pissed that *someone* tampered with the jury in the first place.

Annalise’s right hand guy Frank knows that it was Laurel but stays quiet and, because of that fact, he earns half a make out from Laurel – woo romance! She then heads over to see her other love interest and proceeds to have sex with him awkwardly on a desk, it really is her lucky day.

Flash forward though and this week’s scenes about the murder of Annalise’s husband Sam show Laurel heading over to Frank’s after they set the body alight, Frank apologising for something awful he’s supposedly done. Does this mean that Laurel will ditch her bf and fall for Frank’s beardy lumberjack-ness instead? Does anybody really care? Who knows!

We do know that Sam probably deserved it though as this week’s HTGAWM episode features Annalise confronting him about the nude-y pics found on Lila (the murdered student)’s phone. He throws her on the bed and leaves. While she’s waiting for his cheating, lying self to get home she cracks open a bottle and then makes her way over to Nate’s (Nate being her ex-lover) only for him to tell her that Sam doesn’t have an alibi for Lila’s murder. Dun dun dun!

Also, Rebecca, another suspect in Lila’s murder, uses the bathroom at Annalise’s house and sees wallpaper that featured in the nude photos, realising for the first time that Sam was the one who Lila was having an affair with. She tells Wes (Rebecca’s next door neighbour and Annalise’s student) and he confronts her about it too. And that’s where this week’s episode ended; drama!

The Gay

The gay was non-existent this week, save for a gay joke from Asher at Connor’s expense.

And, after the scene last week with Bonnie where she got chided for looking at a woman’s behind, this week the show seemed to suggest that Bonnie actually likes Sam Keating instead.

It comes about when Nate explains that he lost his job because someone (it was Bonnie) told the police chief that he was investigating Sam. Annalise confronts Bonnie about it and accuses her of trying to protect her husband, again with the drama.

I’m still desperately clinging onto the theory that Bonnie is Not Heterosexual because there has just been too much pointing in that direction to suggest it, also, the show’s creator has said that gay characters will be featured because they are a part of real life. Yes Connor is gay but assuming that they haven’t forgotten that queer women exist too, I think it’s right to be hopeful for the future.

The Ugly

HTGAWM is consistently brilliant – the only thing that bothered me about this episode was the apparent U-turning of Bonnie. As mentioned, I’m hoping that Annalise’s inference that Bonnie is protecting Sam is just that – inference – and not Bonnie suddenly being in love with Sam when that hasn’t really been hinted at.

We’ll soon see which of those is right though as I’ll be back with another recap next week.

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