The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder 107 Recap – He Deserved to Die

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Welcome to another recap of How to Get Away With Murder! HTGAWM also known as the show that teaches you more about the legal system than a law text book the size of your noggin.

This week on the show there were girl alliances, girls getting things done together and then the subsequent fall of those alliances and everything going to crap.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly. Read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Annalise didn’t have a filler case to take this week no, she was back at it trying to smoothen out the kinks of Rebecca’s defense instead. Suspected for killing her best friend and college student Lila, Rebecca risks being painted as the crazy drug dealer who stole her best friend’s boyfriend and proceeded to strangle her dead. Lovely.

Rebecca doesn’t take it quite so seriously though and Annalise rightly reminds her of the horrors of prison.

It all gets cut short when a news broadcast suggests that Rebecca slept with Griffin, Lila’s then boyfriend. Not only that but there’s very good reason to suspect that in an effort to paint Rebecca as the relationship wrecking ‘slut’, it was the prosecution behind the leak.

Naturally, this is the best time to get a gag order put in place and so that’s exactly what they have done that very same day. But at the hearing to have the gag order, Griffin’s defense requests a second autopsy on Lila’s body and given that it could be used to suggest that Rebecca killed her, Annalise and co. must now do everything in their power to stop it.

The afternoon before the hearing. Annalise fretting that she has no way to stop the second autopsy, her students likely doing the same and who should walk in? The prosecution! Rather than getting into a slinging match with Annalise she actually proves to be of good use, handing her a folder with a case that proves that the expert (the one who wants to convince the court to let them do a second autopsy) is a dirty cheating liar unfit for the job.

Annalise plays the hand that the prosecution dealt her but the next logical step is to do what else they can to stop the autopsy from going forward…and that’s where Laurel and Frank come in. The two of them tail Lila’s mother to a park, sweet talk her by appealing to her best interests and voila, just like that the emotional plea of a mother with a murdered child puts a hold on the second autopsy. Temporarily, at least.

And this is where that momentary ounce of girl power crumbles – the prosecution then puts forward her very own autopsy expert leaving her one step away from a checkmate. Sadly, Annalise’s ex-lover Nate doesn’t want to play ball when she asks for help and he instead criticises her methods last week when she had Frank plant evidence. But Annalise’s loss is our gain as we soon get to see her drunk students flirt with assistants to get info out of them. It’s pretty flipping hilarious.

More last ditch attempts are at hand when Annalise makes Rebecca break the gag order and tell the press that Griffin raped her. The judge, the prosecution and Griffin’s defense are all frustrated with the way things are going so the judge just grants a second autopsy. Yikes!

With Rebecca off the hook, she takes a moment away from all the legal-ish to go shopping. Nate shows up. He says he knows she didn’t kill Lila and that he wants to help. Hm.

As for what the second autopsy showed? Lila was six weeks pregnant, which is big news considering that she was also sleeping with Annalise’s husband!

Meanwhile in heterosexual corner – Michaela is having to sign a pre-nuptial agreement ahead of her wedding to Aiden (Aiden he who slept with Connor when they were in school), Laurel, unsure of whether or not to take a job at legal aid with her boyfriend decided to cheat on him with Frank, while Rebecca and Wes finally got together.

The Gay

Feeling sorry for himself about Oliver, the guy who dumped him several weeks ago for cheating, Connor has a random hookup with a guy (who also has a boyfriend) as though that will make it any better. He also tried to give Oliver flowers, only to be turned away at the door by Oliver’s new love interest.

As for any queer women on the show, all we got was Rebecca saying that she’s ‘good at flirting with girls’ when she asked if she could go and flirt with the assistants.

I’m also still holding out hope for #BisexualBonnie. Yup, let’s make that hashtag trend, people.

The Ugly

The scenes I didn’t like this week were the love scenes.

Never mind the fact that Laurel and Frank appeared to have sex against a pillar (???) but Wes and Rebecca’s love scene was mixed in with a scene of the second autopsy and Connor’s love scene seemed shoehorned in.

It wasn’t the content just the way in which it was done, so not a huge issue but one that stayed on my mind following the ending title screen which I suppose is enough to warrant a mention.
I’ll be back next week with another recap.

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