The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder – 109 Recap – Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

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Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM aka the show that teaches you how to outwit and bullshit your way through the legal process!

This week on the show, we finally found out who killed Sam!

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Dramatic as ever, the episode opens with Annalise packing a bag for Sam. She’s done believing his lies! She’s done loving him! The argument is pretty heated as the two yell things at each other, about Sam possibly having killed Lila, about Annalise cheating with another man and about their marriage being a total wreck. It leads to Sam’s hands around Annalise’s neck, saying she’s just a piece of ass. He is not a good guy, at all and Annalise leaves to get some space.

Just Sam alone in the house drinking himself into a stupor, it gives Rebecca the perfect opportunity to sneak in and use the thumb drive she got from Nate (Annalise’s ex-lover) to steal incriminating data from Sam’s laptop. After Wes tells them about Rebecca’s plan and that Sam may have killed Lila, he, Connor and Laurel are already on their way to stop her though, so will she do it?

She gets a good way into the house until Michaela, who’d showed up just minutes earlier to present the immunity trophy (that gets them out of the end of semester exam) to Annalise, points her out to Sam, not realising what’s going on. Uh oh. “Call Wes” she tells Michaela before sprinting up the stairs to Sam and Annalise’s room, locking the door and sticking the thumb drive into his laptop. He soon makes it through the door, relegating her to the bathroom laptop still in hand. With Sam banging furiously on the bathroom door and Michaela hyperventilating down the phone, the only people who can rescue Rebecca are the three musketeers.

As they show up and escort Rebecca out, Sam pounces, needing Laurel to get the thumb drive before he does. But Sam fights Wes off, stands up and chases Laurel out. But as he comes for her, Michaela saves the day, throwing Sam over the balcony of the staircase, screaming as he hits the wood and hits the ground with a thud. Yeah, he’s not getting up anytime soon.

Oh, but he is. As the group are fighting amongst themselves over what to do, Sam gets up and starts strangling Rebecca. Wes steps in just in the nick of time, hitting him over the head with the immunity trophy. Ok, he’s as dead as a dead thing now, no doubt about it.

In order to clean up this complete and utter mess, Wes cleans Rebecca up and puts her in a motel, telling her not to go anywhere. Then, he hotfoots it back to the Keating’s to get the trophy, aka the murder weapon aka the thing that’s going to tie them to Sam’s murder. “I’m sorry”, he says, staring at the body. But, a murder weapon is useless unless they do something about that large, adult body that’s just sitting in the Keating’s front room. They vote (Wes rigs it in his favour) and they go and get the body.

They have good time to do so too as Annalise is busy making her case to Nate, telling him how awful Sam is and proceeding to have sex with Nate in his apartment. Chivalry’s not dead, I guess?. Meanwhile, the group hit up the bonfire for an alibi, heading back to get the body. Body rolled up, weapon cleaned up and blood splatter wet wiped away, they do their bit to dispose of Sam’s very dead self.

Also having heterosexy funtimes, is Bonnie who is drunk out her face. First she makes out with a guy she met at a bar and then she visits Asher (another one of Annalise’s students) to sleep with him. She really is having her fun tonight! At least, in a drunk, gross stupor anyway.

As for the less sexy happenings of corpse disposal, the group of students is burning Sam’s body (with scenes of Annalise returning home and leaving an emotional voicemail for Sam edited over the top – thanks HTGAWM producers!), mashing it up and fitting it into bags. They then proceed to dump that gross ish in a dumpster (as you do) because an incinerator is too much effort? That’s the general gist, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if that proves to be the thing that lands them in it. Oh and Michaela’s engagement ring came off at some point too (she doesn’t know when) and that’s definitely going to cause problems further up the line.

What follows the death is a lot of emotions, naturally. There’s Laurel who’s proving to Frank that she actually likes him and trusts him (enough to get him to put the trophy back at Annalise’s), Michaela visits fiancée Aiden’s mother to sign a pre-nup and Annalise makes a plea to Bonnie, explaining that she’s worried about Sam.

All of them join up again in the office not long after, fretting that someone is onto them. Bonnie explains the situation to everybody. Well, some of it. Sam is missing, she says, Annalise has called the police and she wants everybody to be completely honest when they ask them the questions.

AND THEN! The show flashes back to when Wes picked up the trophy! “I’m sorry,” he says. “Don’t be,” replies Annalise. YOU GUYS, SHE WAS SAT AT HER DESK, SHE KNOWS SAM IS DEAD, SHE KNOWS HER STUDENTS PROBABLY KILLED HIM, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO MUCH!

Phew, everybody get that? HTGAWM is pure fire.

The Gay

Minimal gay in this episode of HTGAWM. After they got rid of Sam’s body Connor visited ex-boyfriend Oliver, visibly shaken. Oliver let him stay over but when he asked Connor what was wrong he lied through his teeth and told Oliver that he was high when he showed up and that he has a drug problem.

Hardly the best pillar to build a relationship on, but there you have it.

The Ugly

The biggest issue I had with this is that Bonnie and Asher had sex while she was under the influence. Technically, this is rape. Asher as a law student should know this. He’s a rapist now and I’ll be incredibly disappointed if the show doesn’t address this at some point.

This is the last HTGAWM episode until the new year (where it’ll air six more episodes) so you can expect a new recap then!

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