The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How To Get Away With Murder – 111 Recap – Best Christmas Ever

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Welcome to another How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) recap! HTGAWM also known as the show where the lead characters are trying to get away with murder…and are doing a pretty rubbish job at it.

This week on the show Annalise breaks the cardinal rule of being a good lawyer; dobbing your own client in.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

As you’ll recall, last week saw the police scrabbling around for clues in the disappearance of Sam Keating. Believed to be on the run, no one has any idea where he is and he’s wanted for the murder of Lila, his mistress. Only, Sam’s been dead for a good few weeks, so good luck with that one.

Furiously trying to hold on to some sort of normalcy are the people who killed him and those who helped clear it up: Annalise (Sam’s wife) and her students Connor, Wes, Michaela and Laurel who are back at school following the Winter break. Laurel set every viewers’ heart swooning by yelling at her uninterested family in Spanish, Wes has been suffering nightmares, Michaela bought a new engagement ring (her old one got lost amongst the bags of Sam’s corpse) and had arguments with fiancée Aiden about the wedding (and over his possible flirting with another man), Connor was metaphorically beating male love interests away with a stick and Annalise just drank herself silly and ate pancakes and chocolate for an entire week.

Snap back to reality and Annalise finds herself dealing with a morally murky new case. A woman who claimed to have been arrested for a DUI actually confesses that she desperately needs Annalise’s help as her husband has been holding two women captive in their basement. No one wants to take the case since the woman technically helped her husband in all of this, but Annalise is adamant.


The first plan of action is to put forward a plea deal; the woman wants to be spared from jail-time for aiding her husband and will take three years of probation instead. With a plea deal (possibly) on the table, Annalise’s right hand aid Bonnie records the woman’s explanation to the police that one of the women being held captive is heavily pregnant and that her last was stillborn and she doesn’t want that to happen again. The police raid her home and arrest her husband; the women are safe, but what of that plea deal? The judge refuses to accept the plea deal without hearing from the victim’s themselves.

So, what do the victims have to say? It’s revealed that the woman used to sneak them food and take care of the captive women whenever she could, it portrays her as sweet, caring and definitely not in support of her husband’s ways, well, until one victim says “She gave us milk, she said it would help put us to sleep so we wouldn’t have to know what [her husband] was doing”. Yup, the victim just revealed that the woman was helping her husband rape the women by plying them with milk laced with drugs, so that they wouldn’t have to be awake for it. Annalise and co. have no chance in defending this one.

Bless her determination though as her students get to work on finding a way to get out of this mess. Wes thinks he’s on to something when playback of her recorded confession features “Lynn deserves to keep this one” as if to say that Lynn’s first baby wasn’t stillborn but the baby is being looked after by someone else. Could it be that the woman is hiding a child? Yes, yes it could, but she refuses to give up her location until Annalise confirms that plea deal. But this is Annalise, one of the state’s greatest lawyers – she heads out and comes back after a conversation with the DA – tells the woman “congratulations” and reiterates the favourable terms of the deal.

They wait. And wait. And wait some more, until the police return with the little girl. She’s safe but she’s malnourished and the woman is glad, says she knows she won’t want to see her, probably not until she’s 18. “You won’t be out of jail by then”, replies Annalise. Wait, what? Annalise “Sneaky” Keating strikes again – she lied about the plea deal and the woman fell for it. She’s going to jail after all, much to the approval of all of Annalise’s students and just about everybody watching the show. Case closed, good luck in prison, you’ll need it.

Meanwhile, the search for Sam has its peaks and dips. On the bright side, Frank (Annalise’s other aid) stole Connor’s car and destroyed it to get rid of the evidence of Sam’s body that was left all over it when they moved the body. But Sam’s sister is snooping around – she wants answers and it takes a home-cooked meal and an emotional plea from Annalise to convince her that Annalise has no idea where Sam is and that he’s not the person they thought they knew.
It’s all for nothing though. Wes’ girlfriend Rebecca alerts him to a real life nightmare that’s worse than the ones that have been ruining his sleep; the police have found Sam’s body.

The Gay

As mentioned, Connor just can’t keep the boys off of him and even his sister tries to set him up with a guy when he heads home for the holiday. But he’s lovesick, he’s enamoured by computer hacking pro Oliver and is doing everything to win him back after Connor’s confession of drug addiction (which he lied about to explain why he was so shook up the night of Sam’s murder) tore them apart.

Connor buys him a Christmas gift, has a movie night with him and does everything to prove that he is boyfriend material. But does Oliver buy into it? He does; he explains just how hard he’s fallen for him and they kiss.

The two of them are really quite sweet together (even if most people don’t see Connor as a particularly good guy) so it’ll be nice to see if they manage to shack up and have a real relationship with the cops at Connor’s heels.

The Ugly

There were a few scenes in this week’s episode where the hookup between Bonnie and Asher (one of Annalise’s students) became a problem. Although he eventually promised to stop being a jerk towards her, Asher had been treating Bonnie miserably since she shrugged him off after they slept together the night Sam was killed.

At one point he says that he could file a sexual harassment suit against her which is the thing that lands the scenes in the ‘Ugly’ part of this recap. Not only would that be a really awful thing to lie about but the show has skirted over the fact that when Asher and Bonnie slept together, Bonnie was drunk. It’s murky, but what they did was potentially rape, so it’d be interesting to see if the show does ever address this point.

Expect another HTGAWM recap next week.

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