Puff, Puff, Pass: 8 Reasons To Get High With Your Girlfriend

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If you and your girlfriend both smoke marijuana already, you should be smoking together.

Let me preface this article by saying that marijuana is not for everyone. If it’s not legal in your local area, of course I can’t promote it, and if it is legal in your local area but you’re not a legal age to purchase it, well… Same thing.

That being said, for those who live in regions where recreational marijuana use is within their legal rights (and they choose to partake), it can be fun to unwind and enjoy a toke or two with your girlfriend. Any girlfriend who is worth anything would obviously not pressure you into it if it’s not your thing – but assuming the two of you enjoy it on your own, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it together?

1. Smoking is a bonding activity.

It can be a form of foreplay for those who are really into it, and while it should never be the basis of your entire relationship, it can make you feel cuddly – which of course increases the bonding potential.

2. It can make your anxieties disappear.

This is certainly not true for everyone. If smoking marijuana makes you paranoid or anxious, I don’t advise you to smoke it. But, if you use recreational marijuana use to help supplement your other anti-anxiety regimens, smoking together can have an extra calming effect.

3. It makes sex feel great.

For the longest time, I was opposed to the idea of having sex while high, as it’s difficult to say no – and therefore you may be saying yes when you otherwise wouldn’t. But if it’s a partner you’ve had sex with and enjoyed it, you’re sure to enjoy yourselves at least as much if you have sex after smoking.

4. It’s safer than drinking together.

While the exact statistics on marijuana use are unclear (many people who smoke marijuana recreationally aren’t inclined to participate in studies), there are far less deaths associated with “marijuana overdose” than “alcohol overdose”. In fact, last I checked, that number was zero, unless the marijuana had been laced with another substance.

5. It can help you open up.

I happen to be a very shy person – unless I’ve been smoking. The use of marijuana enables me to focus less on how I sound when I’m talking and instead focus on the talking itself.

6. It inspires creativity.

It’s important to note that constant, chronic marijuana use actually ruins your creativity, but occasional use has been shown to increase it. Creativity is great for a relationship because you’ll think of new solutions that you may not have thought of before.

It puts you in a better mood.

Along with #2, this is not true for all individuals, but it is true for enough people to be considered a connection. For those who react positively to marijuana, you can be in a happier mood – which can result in a more peaceful resolution to an argument.

It’s no fun smoking alone.

If you and your girlfriend are both going to be smoking, I can guarantee you’d rather be smoking together. Smoking marijuana alone is boring, and in my opinion, shouldn’t be done. It’s a social vice – it should be shared with people you trust and care about. Who do you trust and care about more than your girlfriend?

In conclusion…

I know that marijuana is not for everyone. Whether there are personal, religious, legal, or mental health reasons involved in your decision to not smoke, they are all perfectly legitimate and your partner should never ignore these. However, this article is aimed at those who already know that they enjoy marijuana (or those who are curious and it is legal in their area).
If you’re going to smoke, smoke with your girlfriend!

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