QTYPE is a LGBTQ+ magazine that showcases queer talent with a focus on queer creatives of colour in the fields of fashion, film, and music in Los Angeles.

Most digital media companies focus on queer people and POC as a sidebar to existing content, in order to add a little colour to a monochromatic space. That’s why Q26 creating a new palette.

QTYPE is unique in that its first focus is queer creatives of colour and offers a new way for all creatives to learn more about each other and expand their networks.

“QTYPE does something that other publications don’t,” Camille Ora-Nicole, Creative Director at Q26. Queer folx and people of color don’t have their own section attached to an existing publication. Our magazine starts off by being inclusive, representing everyone.”

As a part of this issue, Q26 also filmed an interview with fashion designer and cover feature Timeekah Murphy, the founder of the Alani Taylor brand.

Features and benefits of QTYPE include.

  • Inspirational stories from local artists, focusing on fashion, film, and music
  • A diverse take on the creative world by people of color and queer folx
  • Articles that explore topics from a unique point of view

QTYPE is now available on Issuu, at $20 for a year’s subscription. For more information on QTYPE, visit https://issuu.com/theq26/docs/qtype_issuu 

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