Who is Your Queer Celebrity Crush, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

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Aquarius: Rachel Maddow

The highly-cerebral Aquarius needs someone who is educated and opinionated. You enjoy having a good conversation and debating your beliefs, and you need a partner who knows how to turn on your brain before anything else.

Thankfully, Rachel Maddow is a smart and savvy political commentator who knows her way around an argument – and, we’re assuming she knows her way around your dreams, too. If you’re looking for someone who will stimulate your mind and your body, look no further.

Pisces: Kristen Stewart

As a Pisces, you are known for your sensitive and passionate nature. You yearn for a partner with emotional depth and range, who isn’t going to push you too far out of your comfort zone. Thankfully, since Kristen Stewart came out late last year (or earlier this year, depending on your perspective), she’s also revealed that there is a huge hidden layer we never gave her credit for. She has a large well of emotions to draw from, which will serve as the perfect complement to your soft, gentle nature.

Aries: Ruby Rose

Aries women are notoriously sensual, and they have a strong need to be seduced. Their high sex drive is often hidden behind their need for spontaneity, so they’re best suited to be with someone who will lure it out of them. Lucky you – Ruby Rose is single again, and she’s the perfect grown-up indulgence to put your inner child to bed. This androgynous goddess oozes sex appeal, and she’s also pretty fun, too – just what you need to fill your deepest fantasies.

Taurus: Angelina Jolie

Stubborn Taurus takes some time to warm up, but once she’s thoroughly stimulated, she’s a sensual vixen with a one-track mind. This goes perfect with the strong sexuality of Angelina Jolie. Known worldwide for her highly seductive look and her deeply accepting nature, you can bet that she’ll stand up against you when you’re clinging just a bit too hard to the wrong side of things. She’ll stimulate you on every level, and remind you to get outside your head sometimes, too.

Gemini: Halsey

Gemini women are known for their flighty nature. In fact, when you’re bored as easily as you are, you crave excitement, passion, and challenges more than anything else. You’re particularly attracted to the musical and poetic types, as they tend to be exciting and romantic and complex, all at the same time. The soulful and fascinating Halsey is a great choice for you, because she feels the entire spectrum of human emotion and she’s willing to take risks. The only question is, can you keep up?

Cancer: Miley Cyrus

Cancer is one of the most sensitive of all the signs, and those who fall under the crab sign are often cautious to a fault. They need a strong, outspoken woman to lead the way and bring out their inner sex goddess. We think that Miley Cyrus is a great crush for you, because she is definitely not shy. She’ll push you way out of your comfort zone, but only after she’s done all the hard work of pursuing you. Of course, she might embarrass you from time to time – but isn’t that what your crush is supposed to do?

Leo: Cara Delevingne

Leo women are turned on by a challenge. They enjoy being in charge, but it’s no fun if they don’t have to work for it. What they desire most is someone who’s even wilder than they are, who will still keep them in check when needed. The sexy and fun Cara Delivingne loves the attention and the spotlight. She’s sexy, stubborn, and sarcastic – everything we love in our queer celebs. Plus, her wild streak will easily make yours look tame – and isn’t that what you wanted?

Virgo: Suze Orman

Virgo women crave control and stability. They’ll pick a partner who can give them security and structure over a woman with charm any day. Suze Orman is just the person your responsible self needs. Not only does she have perfect credit, but she’s also got impeccable future-planning skills – and the decency to not waste your time if it’s not going to work out.

Libra: Samira Wiley

Libras have the biggest heart out of all the signs, so they need a crush who’s trustworthy and good at listening. Now, I don’t know exactly why, but Samira Wiley just has that soft, safe vibe that just makes you want to tell you all her secrets. Plus, she’s adorable, and she gives off such a positive energy. What more could you ask for?

Scorpio: Michelle Rodriguez

Scorpio women are blessed with an amazing combination of fierce intellect and strong sex appeal. This makes them a prized catch, but they won’t settle for anyone who can’t keep up with them – in the bedroom and in the conversation. The hypersexual Michelle Rodriguez is a great choice in both areas, because she is powerful and witty, and she’ll head up the conversation and keep you on your toes. (And besides – you can’t pretend your heart didn’t skip a beat when she came out.)

Sagittarius: Samantha Ronson

Sagittarius women are free spirits who crave adventure. They’re most in their element when they are traveling the world, living the party life, and having a good time. Samantha Robin lives this lifestyle every single day and she loves it. She can get you into pretty much any bar or club you want, anywhere in the world, and she literally brings the party with her when she walks in the door. Be still, fluttering heart.

Capricorn: Tig Notaro

Capricorn women need to laugh before anything else – but that lowbrow humor just won’t do. In order to seduce you, a woman has to offer smart humor that will make you think before making your sides hurt. Tig Notaro is just the comedic genius that Capricorns need. Her style is witty, but funny, and she’s also kinda friends with Ellen Degeneres – wouldn’t that be cool?

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