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You can dress up any outfit with the right jewellery. These sparkly and shiny accessories are essential in putting together a complete and finished look. Here’s a quick guide to summer’s hottest jewellery trends:

Chain Gang

Chain-link necklaces are big this season—the chunkier, the better. Big chain links either in gold or silver give your look a boost. Since these pieces are bigger, keep your accessories above the neck minimal. A nice pair of studs will do. If you’re feeling a bit daring, accent this necklace with some chunky bangles in a matching colour or finish. When shopping around, keep an eye out for unique add-ons like animal clasps or tortoise shell chain-links. A quick tip for you: Check out your local consignment stores, vintage stores, or flea markets for vintage chunk chain-link necklaces.

Art Deco

Geometric and art deco inspired jewellery continue their reign in fashion trends. The dramatic lines and angles of art deco lend itself perfectly to jewellery. Look for acid brights or jewel tones mixed with crystal to capture that contemporary art deco look. Pair this jewellery with jeans, tee, and sneakers for an unexpected twist to your daily style.


Gunmetal is having a moment in jewellery. Gunmetal chokers are the best investment you can get this summer. These chokers are not the goth kind; it is usually a delicate sliver of metal that gives a sophisticated graphic edge to whatever you wear it with. Don’t be afraid to mix this metal with rose gold, gold, or brass. Putting together different tones, textures, and finishes of metal is another hot jewellery trend. Gunmetal is also a good counterpoint to this season’s uber feminine trends like pastel and full skirts.

Primary Colours

Red, blue, and yellow—these basic colours we learned in kindergarten are all the rage in accessories. When you’re out shopping choose pieces that are bold, loud, and geometric, the rule of thumb with this trend is: the bigger, the bolder, the better.

Don’t forget Coco Chanel’s style maxim,

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Have fun bling-ing it on ladies!

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