Queer Fashion | Look Good, Save the World – Your Guide to Eco-Fashion

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It’s 2014, so buzzwords like “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” or “recycled” are no longer just trendy. Taking care of our world has just become common sense. Saving the Earth doesn’t just have to be limited to your home’s recycling bins and compact fluorescent light bulb. If reducing your carbon footprint through your wardrobe strikes your fancy, you’re in luck. Here at KitschMix, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best eco-fashion companies so you don’t have to.


The U.S.-based HELPSY was founded on the grounds of ethical fashion. Their clothing is made with eco-conscious materials, and they provide pieces from cruelty-free sources, Fair Trade, local production, and recycled material. What we love most about HELPSY, though, is their androgynous clothing. Their graphic tees cleverly label famous pictures with captions (Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with the word “SELFIE” is an apt choice), and their bow-ties are printed with brilliant floral patterns.



For flattering basics that look good and last forever, check out Loomstate. This company’s entire clothing collection comes from organic cotton farms. Pieces made from organic cotton not only avoid synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but they generally come from farmers that are self-sufficient. Eco-friendly and economically conscious? We think that’s pretty great. Plus, the brightly colored clothing falls right on trend with summer 2014’s summer palate. If you’d rather have a geometric print than bold colors, make sure to look at the men’s collection of tees.

H&M Conscious Collection

You may have noticed by now—green fashion isn’t always kind to your wallet. If you’re convinced that your budget simply can’t stretch to include eco-friendly clothing, try walking into your local H&M. The company’s Conscious Collection matches the price point of their other affordable clothing, but pieces are made from sustainable and organic sources.

There you have it — three places to shop so that you can look hot and save the world.

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