Queer Fashion | Spice up Your Life and put SEXY back into Summer

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Queer Fashion – By now, it’s become glaringly obvious that the 1990s have made their return to the runway. Everything from grungy plaid to light-wash denim overalls have been dominating popular fashion trends for the past few years. This summer, if you want to keep ‘90s trends fresh and sexy, look no further than The Spice Girls.

Yes, that’s right. No matter what your age in the 1990s, you definitely had a giant crush on Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary, and Ginger Spice. They were confident, talented, funny – and they totally owned sex appeal.  Whether consciously or not, today’s designers are definitely taking note from everyone’s favourite girl group.

You remember the slip dress, right?  Posh, Baby, and Ginger Spice loved it. Wearing the simple silhouette with barely-there straps in a thin fabric is the equivalent of wearing a nightgown out in public. Want to really make admirers take a second (or third) glance? Give them a hint of your most private style: your bedroom style.

Pair the dress with knee-high socks to tease onlookers with schoolgirl vibes, or pair it with a light jacket or blazer to update the look for 2014. You can also wear studded accessories to toughen up the look.

If the slip dress is still too feminine for you, take inspiration from the Mels instead. Scary and Sporty Spice didn’t embrace the slip dress, but they rarely said no to showing off some midriff with crop tops. Mel C obviously lived up to her name by choosing tops shaped like sports bras. She paired them with joggers to show off her perfect washboard abs, which, we can all agree, was quite a treat for the eyes.

Mel B, aka Scary Spice, got far funkier with the crop top trend. She wore her tops in shimmering metallics, matched it with trousers for a tie-dye ensemble, or mixed in-your-face prints. Her crops were bold and brilliant, and only the most adventurous dressers should follow her example.

If the notion of baring your body sounds as horrifying as facing Freddy Krueger, remember that you don’t need society’s narrow definition of a perfect body to show some skin. In 2014, you can opt for a boxy cut that’s both sophisticated and displays just a sliver of your midriff, or you can go for a risqué bralet and effectively wear lingerie in public.

The point is, dressing sexy for the summer time is all about exuding confidence. The Spice Girls have always known the secret: dressing yourself sexy is Girl Power!

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