Queer Fashion | Welcome to the Boys’ Club – How to Wear a Youthful Spin on Androgyny

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Androgyny and high fashion have long been the best of friends—think all the way back to boyish haircuts and shapeless dresses of the 1920s. Fashion refuses to conform to the heternormative roles of society, and this rejection is damn exciting. It’s too bad that the general public is too busy dragging its feet in judgment to catch up.

This year, androgyny is hitting the runways in a major way, but it’s breaking away from sources of inspiration we’ve seen in recent years, like military jackets and lumberjack plaids. Instead, 2014 is ageing in reverse by way of Benjamin Button; it’s more boyish than masculine.

This season’s androgynous trends are heavy with a youthful, devil-may-care attitude. The slouchy, oversized pieces are for creating outfits that are both effortless and cool.  Designers are taking us back to secondary school, but this time, we’re leaving the insecurities behind and embracing the easygoing confidence that we wish we had in our adolescent years.

To pull off this year’s androgynous style, go for baggy silhouettes that obscure any defining masculinity or femininity. Remember those calf-skimming cropped trousers called culottes that made in appearance circa mid-2000s? Well, they’ve made something of a comeback this year, which is a great trend for the more daring. If you’ve sworn off culottes after experimenting with them in 2004, no worries! Wide-leg trousers are laid back this year, which makes the easy and relaxed rather than stuffy.

For tops, consider slouchy and relaxed layers. Keep jackets unzipped over oversized tees as spring turns into summer, or layer oversized vests and unbuttoned shirts. Keep tops untucked, or consider tucking them in the front of your trousers to give your outfit that “can’t be bothered” touch. Don’t overdo the layers, though; minimalism balances the baggy shape of the clothes.  Put the finishing touch on your outfit with masculine shoes, either with sporty trainers or lived-in Oxfords, loafers, or biker boots.

Once your outfit is complete, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Dude. You look good.

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