Quiz | What Kind of Woman Is Right for You?

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There are different types of women in the world. Some are simple and some are very complex, but finding your ideal woman — your ideal partner in life can be tricky.

Everyone has a type. Some like them taller, others shorter. Some like simple women, others like accomplished and driven women. As far as types go, people get very creative — and often even weird. But our type is our type, and we want what we want.

So, lets try to figure it out – what kind of woman is right for you?

4 thoughts on “Quiz | What Kind of Woman Is Right for You?

  1. Melody

    The Intellectual/Creative Type

    You need somebody to bond with intellectually. You need somebody who also appreciates creativity, whether the creativity is entrepreneurial or artsy. You don’t need somebody who’s a polar opposite. For you, opposites do not attract. You need someone who you can have long, deep, intellectual discussions with; someone who you can explore your interesting thoughts with. You two brainiacs can really help each other out in each other’s fields – whether those fields are creative or educational.

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