Read Ellen Page’s Kickass Response to an Anti-Gay Pastor

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She may describe herself as a “tiny Canadian” but for all 5”1 of Ellen Page, she sure does pack a whole lot of feistiness within her. This feistiness especially is to be avoided at all costs, lest you unleash it and find yourself encouraging a whole lot of snark from the actor and unfortunately for one anti-gay pastor, this is something that they learnt recently when taking her to task about her recent announcement, at the Human Right’s Campaign Time to Thrive conference in February, that she is gay.

It’s unclear exactly what this anti-gay pastor said, though as Page took it upon herself to publicly defend her identity, we can only imagine what bile they sent her direction. However, despite the pastor’s ignorance, it did warrant this cracker of a tweet, firmly cementing Page’s voice as a hilarious one.

“2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn’t a belief. My soul isnt struggling & I don’t want arms of Heavenly Father around me. A girls arms? Yes.”

SourceEllen Page’s Twitter


Amusing and taking ignorance fully in her stride? Consider Ellen Page our new favourite role model (like she wasn’t already) because her words, while funny yet honest, show a new side of Hollywood and perhaps a brighter side of things for the out, LGBT stars of the future. She was shaky and close to tears in her initial coming out speech as she revealed that she is gay, but apart from a lone anti-gay pastor (and a small minority of haters) people have been welcoming and accepting of her truth, as they rightfully should be. Page is one of the most famous examples (after the other hilarious Ellen) of how to come out gracefully and free of the fear that your closeted days were shackling you with and while you couldn’t put a figure on those inspired by her, how Ellen Page is dealing with everything post-coming out is at least the best example of how well other closeted famous queer people’s honesty will be received. And if it isn’t and you do get the odd bigot trying to tear you down? As Ellen shows, with the power of Twitter, you can always do away with them with a swift kick to the proverbial balls.

Source: Ellen Page’s Twitter


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