Reasons You Should Date an Older Woman

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Every lesbian should date an older woman, at least once in her life. Why you ask? Let me fill you in on the secret advantages of dating an older lesbian.

They are independent – Older women are often less clingy and needy. They don’t need a woman by their side all the time to be happy. This makes them easier to get along and much more fun.

Less drama – Maybe it is because younger women experience so many first’s in their relationships, their life is full of drama. It’s kind of hard not to get sucked in sometimes. Older women don’t amplify the small things. They can handle their problems real well and often all alone.

No pressure – An older woman is not at that age where all her friends are setting down. Getting married and raising cats is not at the forefront of her mind. She does not have the need to find Ms. Right now.

They know their way around the bedroom – She has more experience in the bedroom affairs than your average twenty year old. Can any lady say no to a woman who knows exactly how to please her?

Confidence – Older women ooze confidence. Whether it is approaching you or the way they present themselves. The confidence is there. This is a welcome trait considering the many shy girls who have a problem replying to a simple hello.

They teach you a lot – Every lady wants to be with a woman who is not only mysterious but one she can learn something from. Older women will keep you coming back for more as they have lots to share with you. An older woman will impress and surprise you for quite a long time.



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