Redefining Gender Norms – Beautiful Photo Series By Lindsay Morris

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Photographer Lindsay Morris has spent six years photographing a gender nonconforming camp for children ages 5-12. She is now looking for funding to turn these images into a book.

Camp You Are You* offers a unique opportunity for gender-nonconforming children to express themselves creatively in an environment that is safe and free from judgment. I have been documenting the celebratory atmosphere of this camp for the past six years while attending with a loved one. These images serve to tell the story of the first generation of children allowed to lead an openly LGBT childhood. I would like to share this experience with others in the form of a documentary art book.

Lindsay Morris

The ultimate goal for these images to assist in untangling the perception of LGBT youth.

By backing the production of this book and a traveling exhibition, you can help raise awareness and continue the important dialogue regarding gender-nonconforming children taking place in public and the media today.

Lindsay Morris

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