Do you often find yourself daydreaming that your BFF was actually your girlfriend? You get along so well and are a perfect fit.

How do you get out of the friend zone?

If you play your cards right an awesome relationship can follow. Fail and you risk jeopardising a wonderful friendship.

It’s a scary scenario. So how do you go about turning a friendship into the romance you always envisioned?


Be ready to stick it out. It is possible but it’s not going to be a short term thing. Telling this person upfront will only make things messy and awkward.

Make her jealous

When she is busy telling you about someone she likes say something like “that reminds me, there’s this new girl that I met the other day…” and then smoothly describe the story. Make sure the conversation flows smoothly. Do not let her know you have an agenda. Let the new girl appear slightly better.

Become unavailable

Do not be too common. Keep your distance but always speak in a pleasant and brief manner when you meet. The point here is to confuse her in what is going on in your life. Make her spend time thinking about you.

Look Good

You probably know her standards. Exceed her standards and be incredibly desirable. Be bold and compliment her on her looks
when you meet. Flirt with her after arousing her interest. Tease her about her love life and her inability to recognise love when it’s right in front of her.

Pick the moment

Start by breaking the touch barriers. No more high fives. Go for lingering touches followed by eye locks. Now that you got all the preparations done with; choose a moment when you are alone and ask her out.

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