Research Suggests You’ll Have To Wait Until You’re 30 Before You Fall In Love

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According to a group of researchers who set out to discover milestone’s in people’s lives, we have to hit our 30’s before we find happiness and success. The survey was carried out in the UK and involved 2000 participants who averaged that we are healthiest at 30 and more confident with our bodies by the time we hit 31.

In all honesty this doesn’t surprise me because women often change their careers a few times, full in love a few times and change our minds 100’s of times about many things before we are sure about what we want. Perhaps it’s because women have so many more options now regarding their lifestyle and career choices and we explore different paths until we know for sure exactly what we want?

The research suggests we are best at sex by the age of 32 and the happiest in our relationships when we hit 40. Well that doesn’t sound too bad to me. If sex is quite good for you now in your 20’s, imagine how good it will be in your 30’s! ON a not so great note we reach the peak of our careers around the age of 38 and earn our dream salary at the age of 42. Darn, I want that now, now, now!

Robert Waldinger, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School has devoted his career to an area of research called ‘the pursuit of happiness.’ The study has been going on for 75 years and he is an expert on what gives us contentment, regardless of our profession or social status. During a talk about the research he said that:

“Good relationships keep us healthier and happier, period.”

Well girls, if you haven’t found true love and contentment yet, don’t despair, it’s on its way! And if you already feel happy and contented in your career and love life, imagine how great you are going to feel by the time you hit 40 and it’s even better? So in the meantime, let’s enjoy changing our minds, growing in confidence and finding true love.

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