Ruby Rose Accuses Prada of Using Her Face Without Her Permission

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Ruby Rose has taken to Twitter to confront Prada for using her likeness on a handbag without her permission.

The Orange Is The New Black star claimed that the Italian brand had used a photograph of her on one of their Spring/Summer 2018 handbags.

Rose shared a video of the handbag via Twitter, which features a graphic of a woman with short hair, morphing into a picture of her.


Rose then went on to share the photo she was referring to, along with the caption, “I’m obviously just super common looking. No big deal.”


Rose went on to respond to fans on Twitter, stressing that she has no association with the bag or the label. She went on to joke that she was going to go and create a vegan version of the bag for fans.

While it’s a little strange that Prada has decided to use an illustration that looks so much like Ruby Rose in their design, you have to wonder: how many bags have been sold off the back of this mini-controversy?

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