Ruby Rose Rocks Leather in Nothing But Underwear

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AUSSIE hottest tattooed model Ruby Rose, has stripped down to her undies for a sexy Bonds shoot for Australia’s Sunday Style magazine, to celebrate 100 years of the famous brand and talk everything from babies to bodies.

ruby rose

Rewind to 2009, and Bonds had never done T-shirts before – and definitely never shot anyone like out-and-inked Ruby Rose.

It was a turning point. I did get the gravity of representing that you can dress different, have spiked hair and tattoos, and be whatever sexuality you want. Together, we [showed] the ‘Aussie image’ is for everybody.”

Ruby Rose

Her tatt tally these days? “Now I’ve got, like, 60 – the most recent is the face of Jean-Michel Basquiat on my left arm.”


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So what would Rose scrawl on her Bonds Chesty singlet now she’s 29, engaged to British fashion designer Phoebe Dahl and starring in season three of TV prison drama Orange is the new Black as “bad-ass, super-charismatic” inmate Stella Carlin?

Be happy. Be free. That’s where I’m at. I’m in love with every day I wake up.”

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