Sacha Baron Cohen Is Developing A Lesbian Musical (No, Really)

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Sacha Baron Cohen is currently planning on a new project – a lesbian musical.

Yes you heard us correctly.

The Lesbian is a true story inspired by a Hong Kong woman, Gigi Chao, who came out to her billionaire father, Cecil Chao, in 2012. Though she’d married a woman in France, her father publicly offered $65 million to any man who could seduce her back to heterosexuality.


The offer made international headlines, but was rescinded in 2014 after Gigi penned an emotional letter persuading her father to accept her homosexuality.

At a recent press event, Cohen told JoBlo that he’s currently developing the project, which is now a musical:

I’m developing a musical called The Lesbian at the moment, which is based on the true story of a billionaire whose daughter tells him she’s getting married to a woman and he offers $65 million to any man who can turn her straight. It’s a true story, but we’re doing the twist on it.”

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