A new safe sex video has just been released to bring awareness about protection during sex for queer women. Standard sex education in schools for example are only ever aimed at heterosexuals and offer no advice for lesbian or bisexual women at all. Queer men are made aware about using condoms, but what is out there for queer women to protect them from STDS or infections?

A BuzzFeed Yellow video series entitled “In The Closet,” with Jen and Niki (who both identify as lesbians), took on the topic of ‘safe sex for women’ in a charming, hilarious, but also very important video advising queer women how to stay safe while having sex.

Here are two important pointers that they make in the video:

Dental Dams

Dental Dams are the female version of a condom. A dental dam is a thin piece of latex which can be pressed up against the vagina during oral sex. It can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections penetrating through the tongue of a woman giving oral sex and help prevent the woman who is receiving the oral sex from contracting anything via her partner’s tongue.

Asking your partner when they last got tested

This is obviously the first thing that a woman should do before she has sex with another woman. It’s so important for women, both queer and straight to get tested regularly to make sure they are not carrying any STDs or infections and being open and honest with a new sexual partner is important to keep yourself protected.

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