Same Sex Partnerships Evolving

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As the public eye seems to change its view on same-sex couples and marriage, political leaders have had to pay more attention to the wants and needs of more acceptance towards their lifestyles, involving legal protections to the individuals to ensure no one is injured by someone who disagrees with their relationships.

Countries besides America have taken different routes to reach out to gays, and people in same-sex relationships to provide them with equal rights as people who are straight and married. If equal rights are not provided, then there are some arrangements that have been made to give the gay couples (some) of the same rights. Several countries have made sure that all couples whether gay or straight are given the privilege, or right, to be able to get married. Even so, there are daily protests and rants from people who strongly disagree with same-sex marriage, and not all political leaders will stand up for these rights.

However in the United Kingdom there are several discussions about if marriage is a real option for gay couples. Ever since the year 2004 the United Kingdom has allowed gay couples to join into civil partnerships, which allots most of the same rights to gays as the straight people retrieve, is more of a security blanket, which allows for protection if something were to go wrong in a social setting.  Civil partnerships allows both parties to have parental rights, exempt from inheritance tax, etc. While this isn’t marriage, it is a pretty good comparison to the real thing.

While it is a good start, civil partnerships aren’t enough for some people who would love to express their love in church, or in a public setting, exchanging vows and have a certified document to prove their love for each other. It is still inching closer and closer to earning equal rights for love.

However in Canada this is not the case at all. Canada passed a Civil Marriage Act in 2005, so gays could get married in whichever Canadian state they chose. Even if this act wasn’t passed, many states in Canada had already allowed for gay marriages. The United States has yet to make it legal all across the nation, a couple of states have allowed for same-sex marriage.

Australia is not as ahead in the same-sex marriage as each attempt for gays to get married has failed. Most couples cannot even prove they are in a relationship without meeting specific criteria, which can be a lengthy and irritating process.

While gay marriage and relationships are moving at a steady rate to become equal with straight relationships/marriages, government has realized they cannot ignore these requests forever and must take further action to allow everyone to feel safe and free.


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