Sao Paulo Celebrates LGBT Pride

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Yesterday, the streets of Sao Paulo filled to celebrate Pride, and as the city blocked its main central avenue to allow room for colourful floats to pass, LGBT advocates called for a Brazilian law against discrimination.

“As long as there is this prejudice, we are going to be in the streets. We are fighting against different types of prejudice: racism, homophobia. We are here together to show there are plenty of us.”

Valder Bastos, a well known drag queen Tchaka.

The LGBT Community said a law banning discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is long overdue in Brazil. Criminalising displays of discrimination would reduce violence against members of the LGBT community.

Last year Brazilian President – Dilma Rouseff, launched efforts to set up centres that would promote and defend LGBT rights. She also reminded people via Twitter on Sunday about a hotline they can use to report hate crimes.

Activists at the parade said they also want to see Brazil pass a gender identity law like that in neighboring Argentina, where people can legally change their gender without needing surgery or a judge’s approval.

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