According to science, 70% of vaginas have a breed of bacteria called Lactobacillus, which produces lactic acid to keep a neutral pH level.

This bacteria also exists in your gut and works as a probiotic which can affect a range of health issues from allergies to Alzheimer’s

Broadly approached a doctor on the subject to ask whether performing oral sex could help benefit your immune system, and Dr Helena Mendes-Soares confirmed it could be a possibility.

I think it would be possible, but probably unlikely. I don’t know of any study that addressed it.”

To fully work as a probiotic fluid produced by the vagina would have to contain enough good bacteria to take an effect. It would also have to safely travel to the lower intestine without being effected by stomach acid.

According to Dr. Mendes-Soares, there are about 100,000 to 100 million Lactobacillus cells per gram of vaginal fluid.

That means to experience any probiotic affects from its properties, anywhere between 10g and 10 kg of vaginal fluid would have to be digested.

Dr Medes-Soares also warned that the intake of probity would be affected by contamination.

There would also be a transmission of the other current members of the community both the beneficial and harmful ones.”

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