‘Scissr’ Is A Lesbian Web Series That Needs Your Help To Complete Its First Season

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Last week we brought you our list of queer web series picks, which ranged from a 1950s drama about a pub, a refreshing coming out story, and one about two actresses who fall in love as they’re shooting a movie. Hoping to join their ranks is Scissr, which needs your help in order to complete production on its first season.

Scissr‘s pilot, which was uploaded to YouTube last year, was hugely popular having garnered over 120,000 views from people all over the world (from the United States right to Malaysia) and it was also covered by over 100 print and online publications.


That lone episode, which has been described as a hilarious hybrid of The L Word and Girls, featured several women as they aimed to navigate the trials and tribulations of Brooklyn’s queer scene.

There was Emily, a punk rocker who’s looking for love in an increasingly small pool of options, Corey who recently broke up with her girlfriend, and the newly out Aviva who slept with Corey’s girlfriend. Yikes. (Jamie Clayton was also in the show as Niamh but since she now stars in Sense8 on Netflix, it doesn’t look like she’ll be returning to Scissr).


In our interview last year with Lauren Augarten (who plays Aviva) she explained that,

I came out later in life and there wasn’t a lot of lesbian TV or film I could identify with at the time, apart from The L Word. In other shows, the characters were in their thirties and lived these charmed lives. I couldn’t relate to this, as a twenty something living in Brooklyn struggling to make ends meet”.

She also told us if networks didn’t pick up the show, she’d go about producing the web series herself and that now seems to be the case.

Scissr is currently on Indiegogo seeking $30,000 of funding in order to make six more episodes at around 10-15 minutes each. The show has currently raised just over $10,000 with 11 days to go – it does have flexible funding and will receive any funds raised but obviously the more money they raise the better.

Some of the perks include a poster download, an invite to the wrap party in NYC, a t-shirt, and early access to the first season once it’s done.

Click here to support their crowdfunding campaign and to find out more.


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