Season 2 premiere: HTGAWM Gets Its Bisexual Storyline Right With Authentic Portrayal

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The Season 2 premiere How to Get Away with Murder gave fans another plot twist, when Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating revealed that the superstar lawyer had a romantic past with guest star Famke Janssen (playing Eve Rothlow).

Talking to Access Hollywood, the Emmy winner said she was “very surprised” to discover her character was bisexual, and she didn’t want her mom to see her kissing a woman.

Viola Davis

I didn’t tell my mom. I said, ‘Don’t watch it. Go to the casino. Go over to a friend’s house.’ But I thought it was very apropos to have a past that’s not defined by anyone or anything. I don’t think that Annalise is a character who wants to be defined by anything. I think that she’s free-falling.”

The moments they shared weren’t awkward they were organic and steamy.

The backstory leading up to the kiss was excellently written and provided the opportunity for viewers to ponder about if Annalise and Eve could have been romantically involved. The moments both characters shared on screen were riveting and authentic.

The dramatic episode ended with (spoiler alert!) the sound of a gun being fired and a shot of Annalise lying in a pool of blood, but (spoiler alert 2.0!) it won’t prove to be a fatal injury for her character.

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When asked if she was concerned that her HTGAWM days were over when she initially read the scene, Viola joked,

No. I’m number one – I have a good contract. I wasn’t scared. I was just, very intrigued. You always want people to lean in to a show. That’s the power of a good narrative, so I liked it.”

The actress hinted at revenge for Annalise for whoever shot her though.

Someone’s gonna pay. Soon, at some point, someone’s gonna pay!”



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