Our First TV ‘Awww’ Moment of 2015 as Glee’s Brittany and Santana Get Engaged

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Once hailed as a bastion of queer television characters for the way that Kurt Hummel was unapologetic in his sexuality in a time where few shows put LGBT characters as the leads, Glee was actually notorious for treating its queer female characters poorly.

For example, Brittany and Santana (also known as Brittana) came about because of a throwaway line about the two girls sleeping together in season one and it was pressure from fans that forced Glee to make them an official item in season two.


Then, there was the fact that Brittany and Santana didn’t get to kiss until season three, by which time couples like Kurt and Blaine, and Finn and Rachel had kissed each other plenty.

In contrast, during Glee’s famous body swap episode actors Kevin McHale and Amber Riley got to kiss each other (their characters had body swapped with Brittany and Santana), while Brittany and Santana (as played by two women) didn’t get to kiss for some episodes later.

Furthermore, there have been throwaway lines about lesbians not wanting to date bisexual women, a poorly handled Brittana break up (when Santana couldn’t do a long distance relationship) and dialogue that ridiculed Glee’s queer female fandom.

But as the show enters its sixth and final season, could the musical dramedy finally be ready to make amends? It appears so, as season six of Glee looks to be a bit of a throwback to all of the characters and relationships we loved long ago.

Puck and Quinn are back together, Kurt is still pining after Blaine (despite Blaine dating Karofsky), and Brittany and Santana are loved up and singing adorable duets in the school’s choir room as though they didn’t graduate ages ago.

Following their latest mashup of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand In My Pocket” and Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth Move” it all gets a bit emotional. Santana gets down on one knee and proposes.

After an earlier scene in the episode where Brittany tells Santana that “I will love you until infinity,” and the two make plans to live in New York together, Santana proposes simply to which Brittany says yes.

However, will Glee make good on its same-sex marriage promises? Although Brittany and Santana are a bit young to be getting engaged, Santana’s not fussed and she proceeds to keep Kurt an ear lashing when he brings up this very point.

Furthermore, back in November Naya Rivera who plays Santana on the show shared this cheeky snap of a veil on Instagram, suggesting that not only is Glee quite ahead with their filming but that we will most definitely be seeing Santana in a wedding dress by the end of the season.

We’ll keep you posted once we have more on the upcoming nuptials.


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