Shaw And Root Get A Steamy Reunion On ‘Person of Interest’ (But There Is A Catch)

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WARNING: Full spoilers for the May 16th Person of Interest episode “6,741.”

Person of Interest brought back Sarah Shahi’s Shaw on Monday night, for a heart-pounding roller coaster ride, taking us through the highest highs and the lowest lows.


Absolutely do not keep reading if you haven’t watched “6,741” yet.

In the new episode, we finally got to see Shaw’s big reunion with Root. Their first real moments together after Shaw sacrificed herself back in If-Then-Else. And it’s a reunion we’ve been craving!

The withheld love and lust finally got released with a lot of kissing, tumbling, and some sex.

The moment was perfect between the two women – with the show going full tilt with their years-in-the-making sex scene.


Talking to AfterEllen, Shahi explained

The fans, I think they deserved to see some of that chemistry, and they deserve to see the kiss, and they’ve been along for the ride for a while, and they’ve been very patient. I’m all about tapping into my home girls and I’m glad they stuck around, and I hope it was well worth the wait!”


Sadly, none of the episode was, in fact, real, but instead a cruel, torturous simulation created by Samaritan to try and brainwash Shaw into leading its team to the Machine, and murder her former friends and partners in the process.

And sadly, Shahi also doesn’t think love will blossom any further

I think for Shaw, her feelings for Root really crept up on her. I don’t think it was anything she was intentionally setting out to create or to get. We see this through the simulation so it would never happen in real life. I don’t think Shaw would ever go there for Root in real life. I think things are just too complicated in her head, and I think Shaw would have to go through a pretty big transformation in order to let herself go there with Root.

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