Should You Do A Sex Detox?

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Sometimes, you have to limit your body in order to free your mind.

That’s the rationale behind a new wave of young women who are embracing the sex detox as a way to increase their mental and physical health.

What’s a sex detox?

Well, imagine a life without sex. Now go live that life.

Some women choose not to have sex at all – no masturbating, no porn, no erotica. Some women choose not to have any sort of sexual contact, like kissing, while some women are okay with everything except having sex with another person (so vibrators are fine).

The length of time varies based on each woman and on how often she has sex. For a woman who has a different girl in her bed every night, going a week without sex might be enough time to clear her head. For a woman who has sex once a month, maybe six months of celibacy is a good goal.

What are the benefits of a sex detox?

You get to know yourself sexually. If you decide that masturbation is still okay, then you have all of the time in the world to explore your body. Get rid of all of your preconceptions about what your partners assumed you like. What do you actually like? What do you find hot? Touch yourself in new ways. Use new toys. Read new types of erotica and learn about different types of BDSM. Nothing is off-limits, and there’s no one to be embarrassed in front of.

You get to know yourself physically. If any type of sexual activity is off-limits, then you suddenly have a lot of time to appreciate your body in other ways. Get a massage. Go to the gym. Just stand in front of the mirror for ten minutes and look at yourself – really look at yourself – and find the beauty in every freckle.

You can work on your sexual health. Get tested. I know, it’s not sexy, but seriously – get tested for everything. And learn about safe sex. All about safe sex. Seriously, learn as much as you can.

You can undo bad habits. When some people get upset, they overeat. When other people get upset, they have sex. If you’re using sex to fill a void, feel loved or numb your feelings, then a sex detox will help you learn better behaviors.

Think a sex detox is for you? Get started here.

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