Shower sex. It’s mysterious, sexy, and generally a fantasy among women. There’s something sexy about the idea of getting dirty in a place you usually get clean – which makes it a very subtle taboo. Plus, with slippery soap, sensual scents, and wet, naked bodies – it’s easy to see how it can be an attractive idea.

But does the experience of shower sex live up to the hype?

Of course, that will depend on your own personal preferences. Not everyone likes the same things, and something that would be a deal-breaker for me could be a turn-on for you. I don’t know your life!

Check out the following list and see if shower sex is worth it to you:

Water in your nose.

I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of water in my nose. I plug my nose getting into a swimming pool, going under in the bath tub, and yeah – when I’m rinsing my face. I’ve got a very sensitive nose canal, and water in there just drives me up the wall.

If you don’t have a sensitive nose, maybe it’s not a big deal to you. Or maybe if you invest in little nose plugs – I could see that being a thing!

Massaging shower wand.

At the risk of sounding like a total creep here, most women have “experimented” with the shower wand at least once in their lives. And if you haven’t, you probably should – it’s an experience that’s pretty much unmatched by anything else. Shower sex is pretty much the only chance you’ll have to use that massaging showerhead on someone other than yourself – and if your partner hasn’t played with it herself, she’s in for a real treat!

If you don’t have a massaging shower wand, get one. Aside from being a great way to “release tension” on occasion, they can help work out minor knots and kinks in your back. They probably won’t help with tangled hair (especially if your water pressure is high) but the warm water can really do wonders.

Limited space.

Many showers aren’t much bigger than the front seat of a car – which is not a lot of room to work with, and if either you or your partner is claustrophobic, adding a second person into that space can cause some tension.

If neither of you is claustrophobic, though, or you have a nice, spacious (non-public) shower area to work with, the confinement might add a similar allure as getting it on in a supply closet – now who hasn’t had that fantasy before?


If you and your partner both like nice, hot, steamy showers, trust me – there’s a reason people refer to sex scenes as steamy. The hot water and resulting steam (as long as it’s not hot enough to burn you!) adds a sexy, mysterious element to your escapades. There’s something magical about the hazy look.

Please, please make sure that the water isn’t hot enough to burn either of you, though. Sex burns are not fun, and if they require medical treatment, they can be pretty awkward to explain.

Slippery textures.

Oil wrestling. Satin sheets. Jell-o wrestling. Latex body paint. Mud wrestling. Personal lubricants. What do they all have in common? They’ve all got slippery textures and are incredibly sexy. This isn’t a coincidence, either. Slick and slippery textures directly relate to arousal. In the shower, there are plenty of slippery opportunities – soapy lather on her breasts, the wetness between both your legs…

But be careful of the other slippery textures involved with shower sex. When the soap you’ve been rubbing each other down with makes its way to the floor, there will be an implied risk of slipping and falling. I’ve found that conditioner and hair treatments are especially guilty of this. Most people will be able to stop themselves from falling, but once your legs are weak, all bets are off!

Lack of safety support.

Generally speaking, showers aren’t designed to keep you from falling. There are adjustments that can be made – safety rails, walk-out doors, little rubber floor pads – to help minimize the safety risks, but showers aren’t a very safe place to have sex.

If you’re going to be attempting sex in the shower, it’s best if you make sure you’ve got at least the most basic safety precautions in mind. I’d advise the grips for the floor of the tub, and shower doors – not a shower curtain. (If you’ve ever tried to catch yourself on a shower curtain, you’ll no doubt know that they will not hold your weight – a door stands a chance.)

Excitement out of the bedroom.

I think one of the biggest pulls of shower sex is that it’s a pleasure you can enjoy outside of the bedroom. Many women are aroused by the idea of having sex in new and exciting places, and the first time anywhere new is the best. If you (or your partner) falls in this category, it’s definitely worth having shower sex at least once. You might find out you like it more than bed sex!

But if you’re satisfied with the sex you’re already having, shower sex doesn’t provide any solid benefits over having sex in other places. It’s dangerous and awkward, and it can be tough to find the right angles to get the job done. For me, it’s not really worth it most of the time – but there are always exceptions.

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