Sia Shares New Song Co-Written With Adele And Tobias Jesso Jr (Listen)

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Sia has just released a new track, and now our week is complete.

Alive is the new single off her new album This is Acting, and it is the kind of song you’ll listen to for days on end on repeat.

It was initially intended for Adele (Sia wrote it with Adele and Tobias Jesso). However, Adele passed at the last minute, but it’s still about Adele even if it’s now Sia’s lead single.

On the track Sia said.

It’s about [Adele’s] life, so I now sing a song from [Adele’s] perspective,”

This is the cool thing about Sia’s new album: All the songs were written for other artists.

Most of the songs, if not all of them, I wrote for other people and they were rejected. Generally, they’re songs that aren’t from my perspective, so it feels like acting. I have rejects from Rihanna, Shakira, Beyoncé [Knowles], Demi Lovato, all the good girls, [and] Katy [Perry]. I appreciate my music is famous, but I’d rather my face wasn’t so that I can just live a normal life. If I can’t, then I guess, maybe, I would end up just giving up and show my face.”

Sia is responsible for some of this past decade’s biggest pop hits, having written songs for Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Kylie Minogue. She also wrote Rihanna’s No 1 hit from 2012, Diamonds.

And the fact Adele passed on this is interesting, as she really could have released this as a single no problem, so it makes us think if she passed on this, whatever is on her album is incredible.

Listen to “Alive” (probably over and over) below.

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