Sia’s ‘The Greatest’ Video Pays Tribute To Orlando Shooting Victims

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This week Sia surprised us, with the release of new track The Greatest, featuring Kendrick Lamar her favourite dancing muse Maddie Ziegler – though this time, she’s not alone.

The video, which opens to a black screen with the hashtag #WeAreYourChildren typed in white font, sees Ziegler accompanied by a large sum of dancers (49 in total), which is said to represent the 49 lives lost in the shooting at Orlando nightclub Pulse.

The video’s setting – a nightclub with bullet holes in the wall – along with Ziegler’s rainbow face paint, is also thought to in memory of those lost their lives in the horrific act.

Following its release, one of the video’s dancers, Matt Moseley, posted a screen grab to Instagram with the caption “49 beautiful lives lost. This is for you. #WeAreYourChildren.”


Others have since taken to Twitter, using the hashtag to aggregate thoughts on the video and its emotional context.

The video concludes with the young dancers moving and shaking in what vaguely represents a nightclub setting, before all falling to the ground, which in turn exposes the bullet-pierced wall behind them. No one from Sia’s team has yet confirmed or revealed the meaning behind the video.

Re-watch below:

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