It’s strange that sex is one of the most natural things the majority of us do and yet so many of us get embarrassed talking about it and according to a recent study carried out by Relate 51% are not happy with their sex lives.

It looks like we could all benefit from something a sex expert called Dr Steven De Wit has suggested that he calls the ‘sex menu.’

A sex menu is a list of things you love, hate or would be up for trying during sex. Dr Wit has composed a really detailed list that he says only takes twenty minutes to fill in.

He suggests that you are completely honest with yourself and rate each thing accordingly. There are suggested turn-ons such as bondage, caning and biting which you can rate as love, hate or willing to try.

On his website he gives advice on how to then share this list with your partner or with any new partner you meet. This list focuses more on pleasure giving and experimentation rather than just aiming to achieve an orgasm and he claims that there will be things on the list that you had not thought of previously trying but like the sound of, or there will be other things on the list that you will find gross.

He says that being honest with yourself is the best way to get the most from the list and a way to ensure that you can keep your sex life varied and fun with your partner.

You can visit his website and fill in the sex menu here:

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