SIYA is the Mainstream Lesbian Rapper You’ve Been Looking For

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As it stands, we have yet to see a lesbian rapper in the mainstream music industry. Contrary to popular belief, female MC du jour Angel Haze isn’t a lesbian (she’s pansexual) and despite well publicised rumours touted by the tabloids and the media, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot aren’t ‘openly’ gay either.

It means that there’s a glaring lack of representation and a missed opportunity too. There are already plenty of rap songs out there about women, but when it comes to shared experiences, only a lesbian would be able to relate to the hardships of being a lesbian. But, up and coming rapper SIYA could be this very voice.

A cast member of The Sisterhood of Hip Hop (which began airing on Oxygen in August), Siya joins four other talented hopefuls (Bia, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond and Brianna Perry) as they “navigate their way through the male-dominated music industry.” Produced by T.I the show has featured everyone from DJ Khaled, Pharrell, Eve, Rick Ross and Lil Jon just to name a few, each of them helping the women breakthrough and breathe a fresh, female perspective into the rap genre.

SIYA is one to watch for queer viewers of the show not just because of her unashamed sexuality (she’s openly gay and one of her mixtapes was even called D.Y.K.E) but because of her raw talent. Whether she’s rapping about her ‘Real M.V.P’ and why her lady love deserves some trophies or ‘I’m Gone’ which discusses both the high life and the struggle with honesty, SIYA’s bars are brilliants and her beats are catchy.

There’s no skirting across the issues here and just like Drake’s branded style of music, things are emotional and relatable and with tracks like these it’s really no wonder why SIYA was named one of “10 New York rappers to watch for”.




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