Spoiler Alert | More ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3 News

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We’ve been doing our homework for you all, and searching for all the latest news on season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. However, the show is not giving much away, but we are here to give you what we know as of the moment. Gear up and wear your orange jumpsuits!



Black Cindy

Lots of characters are getting meatier roles in the next season of Orange is the New Black. One of these women will be Black Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore). She’s mostly been in the background, cracking jokes, and giving excellent fighting advice. Her character has been little more than just a side note in the previous seasons. However, last season we did see some of her backstory, learning that she was a TSA agent and she also had a daughter that her mother was raising, but the show has not given any information as to what exactly happened that landed her in jail.


With her stepping to forefront, we may find out exactly what took place to land her in her orange jumpsuit. The easy idea is that she did something as a TSA agent that landed her behind bars. However, from the glimpses of her personal life that we saw, it is also possible that she became wrapped up in something criminal with her social circle.

Piper and Alex

According to one source, Piper and Alex’ relationship will be on the rocks, not that it is going smoothly in the recent season.

But this time, a new hot inmate will be involved. Ruby Rose, the captivating face behind Maybelline, will join the cast of Orange is the New Black. And as some spoilers reveal, she will be a threat to Piper and Alex as both will be swooned by her looks.

Ruby Rose will play the character of Stella. Let’s see what chaos Stella will bring to the whole show.



Here are some juices that you need to know about Orange is the New Black Season 3. Based from one source, Taystee (Danielle Brooks) might have a love interest in the next season. We can’t wait to see the romantic story behind it. But with the pain she is feeling, will it push through?


Big Boo

Also, the next season might give us some great stories about Big Boo! Get me some screwdrivers, I’m going to ask for an autograph.


We should expect that Orange is the New Black Season 3 will air this June. With the new cast, it’s going to be real fun.

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