Spotting A Cheater: 12 Types Of Girlfriends Who Are Likely To Cheat On You

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You love her, but your friends aren’t quite so sure.

Before you dismiss your friends’ claims about your girlfriend as mere jealousy, driven by the fact that they’re still single, take this into account: Science says we can often judge cheaters simply by their actions.

And as we grow up, we learn to read people. The surprise factor might be lost, but you can gain good insight and avoid a lot of potential problems, especially when it comes to relationships.

1. A girlfriend who is never clear about what they want.

She probably gives strange answers to simple questions, and then switches her phone off for weeks on end.

2. A girlfriend who is bored easily.

You know the type; she just doesn’t want to settle down. Or be tied into anything – like a relationship with you – because tomorrow is another day.

3. A girlfriend who is materialistic.

Does she love the gifts you buy her more than she loves you?

4. A girlfriend you just don’t trust.

Maybe they aren’t cheating on you, but it’s hard to trust them when they say one thing and mean something else.

5. A girlfriend who is just getting out of a serious relationship.

Chances are, they’re probably still hung up on someone else.

6. A girlfriend with low self-esteem.

They try to make up for it by constant validation via their partners.

7. A girlfriend who never tell you who they’re with.

Pretty much a dead giveaway.

8. A girlfriend who cheated on her last girlfriend with you.

I know its cliché, but she’ll probably do it again.

9. A girlfriend who is afraid you’re cheating on them.

Doubt can be a terrible thing, and so can the desire for revenge.

10. A girlfriend who thinks flirting is harmless

It is… in very few cases.

11. A girlfriend who is treats you like their dirty little secret.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you should be socializing with each other’s friends circle with ease.

12. A girlfriend who thinks she’s better than you.

If they’re straight up snobs, then they’ll probably get bored of you pretty easily.

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