Star of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why Releases’ Lesbian Love Song

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Ever since the hit show Thirteen Reasons Why debuted on Netflix on March 31, fans have gone crazy speculating about the sexuality of the actors and actresses.

While the show contains several out gay characters, including a barbershop quartet of men (and one semi-closeted woman in denial), the real sexuality of the actors has been hotly debated. It was recently revealed that two actors who play straight men in the show are actually dating in real life.

Katherine Langford, the 21-year-old star who plays the protagonist, the ill-fated Hannah Baker, has also been the subject of similar debate. With her smoky green eyes and thick forest of hair, Langford is striking, and queer fans around the world have been speculating about whether they have a chance.

Their speculations aren’t without merit. After all, Langford took her mother to San Francisco’s 2016 gay pride parade, and after the Orlando Massacre, she wrote on Instagram, “While there was a lot of love and joy – this hammered home just how far we still have to go.”

Granted, Langford has never openly discussed her sexuality. But she’s done the next best thing – written a lesbian love song. No, it’s more like a lesbian power ballad.

“I’ve Got a Crush on Zoe Bosch” details Langford’s crush on the titular (and titillating) fellow schoolmate, who was head girl at Langford’s alma mater, Perth Modern School, several years ago. Langford even rocks the school uniform in the video.

Langford opens the video with a shy smile as she pushes her hair to one side, and glances away from the camera. “Zoe, this one is for you,” she says. “I’ve got a crush on you, girl.”

‘Cause you are amazing, drive me crazy
Oh, yes you do
Love and visual art, hashtag art fag
Living proof you can be cool and smart

Leader of our year,
You’re always full of cheer
It is infectious. You’re so approachable

I’ve never met anyone like you

You are so special
You’re funny and you’re daring
You’re loving and you’re caring
For everyone around you
You’re straight up, damn amazing
You’re so captivating

Girl, I love you
Oh, I love you

Does this mean Langford is necessarily queer? Of course not. But do we hope that she’ll release more cheeky lesbian love songs in the near future? Most definitely.

Check out the video for yourself.

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