Staying One Step Ahead: 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

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It’ something no parent wants to hear…that their child is being bullied. With today’s hi-tech world of social media and easy access to online platforms, the issue of bullying is becoming an epidemic.

And it’s no secret that children with same-sex parents have an even bigger risk of being bullied. Since you can’t be with your child every minute of every day, one of the best ways to prevent bullying is to be aware of the warning signs.

That way you can be on the lookout for any potential changes in your child’s behavior and get on top of things before they get out of hand. Here’s a look at 10 warning signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to whether or not your child is being bullied…

1. Unexplained Physical Marks, Scrapes, Cuts, or Bruises

It could be just another day on the playground, or it could be more. Be aware of any injuries your child comes home with.

2. Afraid to Be Left Alone

Whether at the bus stop or being dropped off at school. If you’re child suddenly doesn’t want to be left alone or becomes clingy out of nowhere, this could be a sign he or she is being bullied.

3. Change in Eating Habits

Look out for the “I’m not hungry” excuse or any other changes in your child’s eating habits that seem out of the ordinary.

4. Damaged Clothes, Toys, Books, etc

If you noticed any of your child’s possessions or clothes damaged, be sure to ask what happened. Look for a direct response versus excuses. And if the damage keeps happening, definitely look into it.

5. Withdrawn Behavior

Behavior changes are a big warning sign of bullying. If your child is typically energetic and cheery and is now withdrawn, there’s a good change of bullying.

6. Acting Out

If your child is usually well-behaved and not one to act out or pick fights with you and is now suddenly doing so, he or she could be trying to deal with the anger from being bullied.

7. Doesn’t Want to Go to School

What kid actually wants to go to school, right? But in the case of bullying, they are going to be suddenly very adamant about not going…to the point where they may throw tantrums, cry, or even beg you not to make them go. If this happens, there’s a very good chance he or she is being bullied at school.

8. Sudden Drop in Grades

A drastic drop in your child’s grades can definitely indicate he or she’s being bullied. That’s why it’s always important to stay involved and keep track of their grades and progress in school.

9. Unexplained loss of Lunch Money, Toys, Electronic Devices, etc

This could mean your child was bullied into giving up something of value to either them or the bully. Be sure to keep track of your child’s belongings and find out if anything is missing and why.

10. Abnormal Physical Complaints…headache, stomachache

…or your child is making numerous trips to the nurse’s office. This could mean they are trying to avoid running into their bully and are coming up with excuses not to go to class or school in general.

One of the best ways to help your child with bullying is to be there for him or her. If you do notice some signs of it, talk to them. They may avoid the topic at first, or they may be relieved that you finally know. Either way, let them know they aren’t alone and you’ll tackle the issue together, as a family.

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