‘Supergirl’ Gives Us A Queer Girl In Season 2 To Look Forward To.

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This news is something we all need to get excited about girls.  A new TV character to crush over. Executive Producer, Ali Adler, who by the way is also out, said during TCA:

Maggie Sawyer is an amazing character from the DC Universe who is a bad ass, gay character, who we’re bringing in and she is so cool. The actress, Floriana Lima, is amazing. We’re so excited to get started with her and it’s just gonna be an amazing addition to our cast.”

This news is sure to get the lez community inspired as well. It’s great when an intriguing LGBTQ character is introduced to a series because it helps promote our community in a strong way and encourages others to realise that we are all just regular people no different than anyone else. Positive LGBTQ characters in mainstream TV programmes are an absolute must.


Another Exec from the DC universe team, Sarah Schechter, added:

What’s important for us in Supergirl is that all women in the show are really strong, I mean it’s important on all of our shows and I think you see that in all the shows, but Supergirl, it’s like, if you have a great villain, it elevates your hero. If you have a strong woman, you want to surround her with other strong women and so Maggie’s sort of suspicious. She’s grounded; she’s [sort of not] a superheroshe’s a regular real life hero.”

We’re getting the feeling she might be more than an anti-hero type character? If so, that’s just great. They’re the best kind and normally show real dilemmas between saving themselves or saving the rest of the world. Ultimately, we all have to make decisions like this sometimes.

It seems that another intriguing hook is coming into play during season two as well. In the form of a character that would be ‘exploring their sexuality’ and ‘coming out.’ Greg Berlanti, an Exec working on Supergirl hinted:

It is a significant character and we’re not being coy about it. We really want the audience to enjoy the character development, you know, and not necessarily being ahead of the storyline.”

Speculation is already flying around as to who this might be. You never know ladies it might even be a female character that has a relationship with the newbie lez, Maggie Sawyer. That would be interesting. Whatever season two has in store for us I’m sure it’s fan base will increase dramatically after this exciting news so we can all wait in anticipation until October 2nd when season two will kick off on the CW.


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