Support LGBT Rights By Drinking Equality Wine

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What if you could drink and make the world a better place? What if you advanced gay rights by getting tipsy? What if every time you poured a glass of wine, Mike Pence got just a little bit weaker?

Finally, there’s a wine for that.

Wineseller Equality Wines blends delicious alcohol with the fight for LGBT rights. Twenty-five percent of all proceeds go toward nonprofits that fight for LGBT rights.

Try a Stonewall Cabernet, a fruity blend with a “splendid concentration of power, freshness and graceful complexity.” This wine “humbly honors the brave LGBTQ Freedom Fighters of Stonewall Rebellion,” according to the official website.

The selection also includes a Love Wins Cuvée, autographed by Jim Obergefell of the historic Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court Case that ruled gay marriage constitutional in the United States. This wine has a “creamy mouth-feel” that is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay.

Equality Wine’s final offering is The Decision Pinot Noir. This wine comes from the Russian River Valley. “We chose producers and grapes from the Russian River Valley not only for the amazing grapes that are grown in the area, but also because Western Sonoma County is known for its inclusiveness and acceptance of all people,” Equality Wines co-founder Elissa Nauful said.

Oprah featured the wines as part of her Favorite Things – you can pick up Oprah’s favorite Big Bottom Biscuit Mix and Honey Gift Set, which comes with the Love Wins Cuvée. Or get a Four Bottle Gift Set of two 2014 The Decisions and two 2008 Love Wins Cuvées.

The downside? With only three available wines, the selection is currently small, so it would be nice for Equality Wines to expand; the Stonewall Cabernet won’t even be available for several more months.

The wines are also not cheap. The Four Bottle Gift Set is a $150 “bargain.” The Stonewall Cabernet is $80. So these are not casual wines that you will want to chug before a night out – but they might be perfect for special occasions, such as anniversaries or the holidays.

Bottoms up!

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