Susan Sarandon ‘Open’ to Finding Love with a Woman

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Single actress Susan Sarandon is “open” to embarking on a relationship with of someone of any “gender”, confessing it “increases your chances” of finding a suitable partner.

The star has been single since splitting from Jonathan Bricklin in March following a six-year romance.

When pressed this week on The View, Sarandon answered questions on her love life by saying she isn’t “actively looking” for a new love, but

I’m not actively looking (for love), but if there’s a person, I would leave open the age, the color, the gender even, I’m open. Well, it increases your chances, doesn’t it?”

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Outlining what she’s looking for in potential partners, she says,

Somebody who is not gonna find it difficult to be with me and (when) people come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I love your work,’ it won’t turn out to be a problem.

Someone who is really passionate about what they do and they love what they do. Someone who’s open and adventurous and travels and has a lot of fun. (Someone who is) spiritual, (it) doesn’t have to be religion, exactly…”

As she goes on and say what she’s looking for in a partner, Whoopi Goldberg says, “You’re starting to sound like me!” and they share a moment.

Note: The YouTube video only plays in some regions.

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