Syd Tha Kyd was once a long-time member of the now-defunct hip-hop collective Odd Future, which also featured out R&B artist Frank Ocean.

At the time, OF was seen as a powerhouse of artists and mischievous kids, but at that time many didn’t think Syd would end up venturing off and create her own brand of music.

But she did. She eventually moved onto working on music with her band The Internet and later on, would end up solidifying herself as a solo artist when she released her debut album Fin.

She now she follows it up, albeit very quickly, with her three song EP Always Never Home.

The project includes Bad Dream/No Looking Back as well as Moving Mountains and On The Road. The three songs maintain the same sultry R&B vibe that she provided on the first single and expands on it.

Syd announced shortly after the release, that she’d be taking the new EP on the road with her, both in the United States and Canada before planning some stops in Europe.