Why The Tabloid Obsession With Kristen Stewart and Her ‘Lez-be-Friend’ relationship?

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Ever since she hit it big with the vampire series that everybody loves to hate (Twilight), Kristen Stewart’s personal life has been tabloid fodder. Headlines were made about her romance with co-star Robert Pattinson, they were made again when she appeared to have cheated on him with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman (a film that she starred in) and a fair few outlets have speculated that Kristen Stewart is gay.

Is it the fact that Kristen once said that her her first crush was Natalie Portman? Or that time on the Snow White and the Huntsman press tour when she said she wanted to make out with Charlize Theron? The reasoning is somewhat of a mystery.


However, while we were pondering the ‘why’ of the rumours, they’ve flared up once more as the actress has gone on vacation with her gal pal Alicia Cargile, leading many to assume once again that Kristen is gay and that Alicia is her girlfriend.

Kristen and Alicia (who is a visual effects producer) reportedly became close friends following Kristen’s breakup with Robert Pattinson. The timing and the fact that the two appear to be inseparable (they’re often seen together, sometimes in matching or shared clothes) has led to people thinking they’re dating.

The dating rumours are backed up by sources previously saying that “Love is love to Kristen. She’s really happy with Alicia”, “When Kristen and Alicia were in Hawaii for New Years, I am sure that they thought no one was going to see them but they are not exactly nonchalant about their relationship anymore” and “They are inseparable and mimic each other’s everything”.

So is Kristen gay? Is she straight? Is she bisexual? Well, we have no idea. Not only are those sources anonymous (or those quotes could have just been made up by the publications they came from) but Kristen is notoriously closed off about her personal life. We didn’t even get a confirmation that she was dating Robert Pattinson until they broke up years later.

Overall though, if Kristen Stewart is gay as all the tabloids would have us believe, then good for her. And if she wants to come out Ellen Page style then hey, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.



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