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25 Things I’ve Learnt By Reaching 25 (Video)

Sadly, life changes a lot in your 20s, and by the age 25, you already have a few of life’s biggest milestones behind you: the day you took your first steps; your first “words” (more like adorable baby gurgles, but you catch my drift); your first day at school; graduation; your first drink with your pals on the night you officially become an adult (yeah, right!)…

And then comes 25. 25 is the unsung heroes of milestones: while the “Quarter Century” moniker carries a hefty sense of foreboding, it’s also the age at which most people have a little more life experience behind them and start feeling like “adults”.

You’ve learnt a lot over the your first 25 years of life, some of it wonderful, some of it not so much; all of it, I hope, of value to you.

Here is Effi Mai‘s 25 life lessons learned by age 25.

I made it. 25. Good God. How did my liver survive? We will never know.