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First Look at Elle Fanning New Trans Teen Movie ‘About Ray’

A trailer has been released for the new film About Ray, in which Elle Fanning plays the lead character, a transgender teen transitioning from female to male.


The film depicts Fanning’s character living with her single mother Maggie, played by Naomi Watts, and lesbian grandmother, depicted by Susan Sarandon.

Originally called Three Generations – the trailer gave us a heart warming sneak peak at what the film has in store.

Current representations of transgender people in pop culture primarily focus on those who have already transitioned (like Sophia on Orange Is the New Black) or those approaching the process later in life (Maura on Transparent).

About Ray tells the story of a teen’s experience, as a sort of transgender coming of age.

I’m done with being the exception! Prolonging this doesn’t keep me a girl any longer. It just keep me being who I already am.”


After Fanning’s casting was announced, The Atlantic ran a piece titled, “Is Elle Fanning Taking a Role From a Transgender Actor?”

About Ray isn’t the only fall movie that will tell a transgender person’s story with a cisgender actor in the lead role.

The highly anticipated film The Danish Girl, a period piece, stars Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe, a transgender artist.