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Lesbian Web Series ‘Lease Til Do Us Part’ Is Back

As promised, its back. ‘Til Lease Do Us Part – the hit web series from The Gay Women Channel’s Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella – is back for a second season, and you get to binge watch daily from now until xmas.

Til Lease Do Us Part was DiLonardo and Rotella, first web series, and starred Starring Hannah Hogan and Joanne Sarazen. The storyline was about something most lesbians have experienced – two exes living together. (Check out the very first season one here.)

This time around we have new players in place, with a slightly different take. The story revolves around Elliot (Winny Clarke), and her best friend Jess (Angie Lopez) who live together.

The twist in the tale – Jess is dating “Lexi” (Morgan Kohan) and asks Lexi to live with them until she can get back on her feet. When Lexi and Elliot meet, Elliot finds out that she is actually ‘Alexis’, her ex (they were together for 2 weeks in high school). Awkwardness ensues…

Lease Til Do Us Part 02

So what makes the show work? Well it has to be the raw truth behind the humour. We’ve all had relationships that ended whether or not we wanted them to, and most of time (after these torturous break-ups) we still have to deal with our exes – like it or not.

This series hilariously shows us both sides coin. It’s a series keeps the laughs coming while probably giving some of you flashbacks of ex’s from the past.

And where can we watch the show? The great news is that the entire first season is available to watch at kitschmix.tv!

Season two will be with us day-by-day.

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‘Almost Adults’ Drops First Trailer With ‘Carmilla’ Duo Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis

So by now we have to assume you’ve heard of the hit web series Carmilla. (If not head to KitschMix.TV to binge watch it ASAP.)

However, what you may not know is the two actresses who star in the vampire series are bringing their chemistry to a feature film.

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis are at the forefront of Almost Adults, an upcoming queer film produced by the Gay Women Channel.

In Almost Adults, Negovanlis and Bauman play two best friends in their final year of college – transitioning into adulthood.

One is embracing her sexuality and trying to catch up on everything she has missed during her teenage years, the other is ending a long term relationship with her boyfriend and discovers her life isn’t going as planned.

Now, if you’ve been around the queer media block a few times then you’ll be very familiar with the ‘gay girl falls in love with her best straight friend’ trope.

Thankfully this is not that type of film. The stars of The Gay Women Channel – YouTubers, Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo – are using their years of experience to put together this movie. So instead, the conflict between the two main characters is due because the two are headed in different directions in their lives.

Almost Adults 01

The film was initially funded by a  Kickstarter campaign, and production began in May.

At the recent Buffer Festival in Toronto, a trailer arrived. The trailer has been a hit, gathering more than 250,000 views in its first day online.

The popularity of Carmilla is no doubt raising the hype level for Almost Adults. Carmilla has gathered a devoted following and earned a second season.

Lesbian Film ‘Almost Adults’ Being Made by Stars of The Gay Women Channel

If you’ve been around the queer media block a few times then you’ll be very familiar with the ‘gay girl falls in love with her best straight friend’ trope. We’ve seen it on many occasions in Glee, Degrassi and Once Upon a Time, just to name a few. But by now we’re bored of it. Lesbians don’t always fall in love with their straight BFFs and they deserve to fall for someone who loves them back.

Thankfully, the stars of The Gay Women Channel know this and the two YouTubers, Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo are using their years of experience as a director and writer (respectively) to put together a movie. The film is a comedy called Almost Adults and unlike the trophy gay content we’re used to, the film will star a lesbian who isn’t in love with her straight best friend whatsoever.

Instead, the conflict between the two main characters Mackenzie (played by Elise Bauman of Carmilla fame) and Cassie (the actress who plays her will be revealed on April 1st) is because they are headed in different directions in their lives. Mackenzie is coming to terms with her sexuality and Cassie is choosing a career path and this is extra stress on top of the fact that they’re in their final year of college. You’ll be glad to know, though, that despite the massive amount of pressure on Mackenzie, she does find love. Rotella and DiLonardo are staying quiet on the details of that, though.


So when can we see Almost Adults? The film is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter and although the goal is $40,000, backers have blitzed through that and at the time of writing the current raised amount is $96,000. Backers are being told that their perks (some of which include digital downloads of the movie) will be delivered by July 2015 so we can expect to see the film then.

The campaign ends in four days and some of the other perks include a personalised voicemail from Sarah and Adrianna, an executive producer credit on IMDB, and an invitation to go to an Almost Adults table read.