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WWE’s John Cena New Ad Tells Americans To Be More Accepting Of LGBTQs

American non-profit organization have unveiled their new key campaign – the #WeAreAmerica campaign – featuring World Wrestling Entertainment’s John Cena.

In the ad Cena walks through a typical small American town, talking directly to the camera, the pro wrestler draws a line in the sand early on.

Patriotism isn’t just pride in one’s country, he says. It’s love for it. And loving one’s country means embracing who and what the country really is—not what you might picture it to be.

Along the way, this small town turns out to be remarkably diverse – the essence of America itself – as we see citizens who are Latino, LGBT, Muslim, senior citizen, African American, disabled, and so on, all just as American as anyone else.


The underlying message: To be a true patriot is to accept all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability.

In short, patriotism is love, Cena says, and love has no labels.

The message comes at a time of toxic political discord in America. But thanks to brand partnerships struck by the Ad Council, the new spot, if not universally lauded, will certainly be noticed far and wide this holiday.

Campaign partners include The Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, State Farm, Google and Johnson & Johnson, which will promote #WeAreAmerica content across their brand channels

The campaign also has support from Facebook, Twitter, BuzzFeed and WWE.

And considering Cena and WWE’s massive fan base, that’s a powerful message that could resound far and wide.

Mexican Company Airs TV Advert with Lesbian Couple and their Kids

Segundamano Mexico –  an online secondhand store in Mexico – aired a television ad with lesbian couple and their children.

In the ad the women, holding their two young kids surrounded by toys and furniture, say

It was the two of us, and then we thought why not be more? So now we are four.”

An off camera voice asks them what they bought on the site and they answer beds for the children, dressers for the children, etc. The ad ends by encouraging others to follow their example and get things they need for their families on the site.

The couple in the ad are a real couple, who were married in Spain, but live in Mexico.


Much like the US, is a patchwork when it comes to recognising familias diversas, so is Mexico.

Antonio Medina, a Mexican journalist, will be writing about the significance of the ad in Proceso Magazine, a weekly news magazine with a wide readership.

Matalan New Ad Campaign Featurs Lesbian And Gay Families

Marking its 30th anniversary, the Uk retailer Matalan has launched a major new advertising campaign, aimed at showing the range of different households in Britain today.

The campaign – called ‘Made for Modern Families’ – features real life families (86 people and a dog in total) from across the UK and plays out to a poem recited by Roger McGough CBE.

Matalan 02

Its theme, summarised by one heterosexual single father in this behind the scenes video, is that

It doesn’t matter what age or gender combinations you’ve got. if there’s love and cohesion it’s a family and that’s it.”

Matalan 01

Marketing director Lee Pinnington said:

We really wanted to create something that was made by and for modern families and resonates with everyone at home as much as it did for the team when we were casting and shooting the advert.