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South Korea Bans Music Video Because it Appears to Portray Very Vanilla Lesbian Relationship

A music video from the Chinese girl group SNH48, which features two women from 16-member group ‘caressing’ and ’embracing’, has been banned by South Korea.

SNH48 is the Chinese sister group of the hugely popular Japanese group AKB48. Their recent video for song ‘Uza’ was removed from South Korean digital channels after less than three days online.

Korean media is now speculating that a music video for has been banned in the country because of ‘intimate’ scenes between two of the women.

Something to note is the video was actually shot in South Korea and directed by popular music director Hong won-ki.


It is legal to be gay in South Korea, but the country does not offer same-sex marriage or civil partnerships for same-sex couples. Lesbian couples can not adopt and there is no anti-discrimination legislation to help protect LGBT people.

Efforts to include protection of sexual orientation in the Anti-Discrimination Act are opposed by religious groups and have been thus far unsuccessful.

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